When a Missouri worker is injured on the job this can lead to both physical and financial distress. One day you are working and paying your bills, and the next day you may be unable to work and suffering from serious injury. As a Missouri workers’ compensation lawyer, I am aware of the hardship this can bring to both the injured worker and their family.

Injuries incurred while someone is in the course of their employment may give rise to a claim under Missouri’s workers’ compensation laws. Frequently, injured Missouri workers need the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer in order to obtain their full benefits under the law. The law office of Attorney Robert A. Strauss provides free consultations to all Missouri workers injured on the job. All cases are handled on a No Fee if No Recovery basis. Call toll-free at (800) 991-8688 or email for a free consultation.


Missouri workers’ compensation law provides three basic benefits to those injured in the course of their employment. The injured worker is entitled to get their medical bills paid for their treatment arising out of the injury. Secondly, the injured Missouri worker may be entitled to weekly benefits during the period of time they are kept off of work or on light duty work. And, third, the injured worker is entitled to a lump sum amount of money for any permanent disability arising out of the injury.

If the injured worker is adjudicated to be permanently and totally disabled as a result of the work injury, the weekly benefits continue for the remainder of the worker’s life. An injured Missouri worker may also be entitled to future medical care for their injuries under certain circumstances.

The Missouri Department of Labor website provides more detailed information about the benefits provided under Missouri law.


In some cases, it is necessary for the Missouri injury lawyer to refer an injured worker to a physician independent of the workers’ compensation insurance carrier for an examination. Frequently, the physician will be asked whether the injured worker has reached maximum medical improvement; has sustained any permanent disability from the work accident; and whether the injured worker is in need of any additional medical treatment. These examinations may not be warranted or necessary in all cases; however, knowing the right case for such an examination takes an experienced attorney. These medical examinations can be used by the Missouri workers’ compensation lawyer to pursue a worker’s full rights under the workers’ compensation laws of Missouri.

If the office of Robert A. Staruss refers you for an independent medical examination, his office will advance the entire cost of this examination. As with any costs, if there is no recovery on your worker’s compensation claim you will not be responsible to pay or reimburse for the medical examination.


If you have been injured in a work accident, contact attorney Robert A. Strauss for a free consultation. Your claim will be handled on a No Fee if No Recovery basis. If you would like to discuss your claim with Mr. Strauss, please email or call toll free at (800) 991-8688.

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