Injuries to shoulders are a frequent consequence from an automobile or truck accident. The occupants of cars and trucks involved in a collision can strike their shoulders on the vehicle interior causing injury. Sometimes, the sheer force of deceleration in a car or truck accident will result in injury to the shoulder. Shoulder injuries can include sprains, impingements, rotator cuff injuries and fractures. At times, shoulder injuries from an automobile accident can even be serious enough to require surgery. Shoulder injuries can be both painful and disabling. St. Louis personal injury attorney Robert A. Strauss represents the victims of Missouri automobile, truck and motorcycle accidents with shoulder injuries. For a free consultation on any shoulder injury case resulting from a car accident in Missouri, contact either St. Louis injury lawyer Robert A. Strauss at (800) 991-8688 or by email.


When someone sustains a shoulder injury from an accident, their physician may attempt to form a diagnosis regarding the shoulder condition. At times, the physician may order diagnostic tests like x-rays or MRIs to try to pinpoint the problem. A physician may even order diagnostic tests of the cervical spine to rule out damage or injury to the neck as a cause of pain in the shoulder area. St. Louis injury lawyers also know that more challenging cases may even require arthroscopic procedures to allow the surgeon to explore the shoulder joint to determine the cause of pain or injury. For more information on shoulder injuries click here. Depending upon the diagnosis, treatment for an accident related shoulder injury may include physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, strengthening exercises or even surgery. Shoulder surgeries may include: arthroscopy (which can be used both for exploratory purposes and sometimes to treat the injury as well); rotator cuff repairs to repair tears; procedures to tighten shoulder ligaments and repair detachments (Bankart procedures); and, even prosthetic shoulder replacement at times.


Many jobs require people to use their arms for vigorous activity all day. Construction workers, factory workers, tractor-trailer and truck drivers and countless other jobs require constant use of the arms for pulling, pushing, lifting and other activities. Some jobs require people to undertake these activities from awkward positions leading to traumatic pull or twists to the shoulder area causing injury. Sometimes a fall while on the job will lead to a shoulder injury. When a work place accident leads to shoulder injuries in Missouri, the injured worker may have a claim for benefits under the Missouri Workers’ Compensation laws. Basic Missouri workers’ compensation benefits include payment for medical treatment arising out of the work accident. However, as St. Louis workers’ compensation attorneys know, under Missouri’s work comp system the employer’s insurance carrier will usually have the right to authorize or select the physicians who will treat the injury. For more information on Missouri work comp laws click here.


If you have sustained a shoulder injury in a Missouri automobile accident or through a fall or other accident in Missouri, contact St. Louis Attorney Robert A. Strauss for a free consultation. Both attorneys handle cases on a No Fee if No Recovery basis. If you would like to discuss your case with Attorney Strauss, please email or call toll free at (800) 991-8688. If your shoulder injury arose out of a work accident, contact Attorney Robert A. Strauss for a free consultation regarding your rights under Missouri’s Workers’ Compensation Law. Attorney Strauss can be reached by calling (800) 991-8688.

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