Injuries sustained in an accident in which a semi or 18–wheeler truck is involved can be much more serious than those only involving smaller non–commercial vehicles. Common sense would tell you that impacts from these large trucks are often worse due to their enormous weight and size as compared to ordinary cars, motorcycles or pickup trucks. Because many of these collisions tend to be more serious, you or your injured loved one will want to consult with an experienced Missouri semi truck accident attorney to handle your claim.

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There are many reasons why there are so many Missouri semi truck accidents. One, as mentioned above, is the substantial weight difference between these vehicles and non–commercial vehicles. It is not uncommon for these semi trucks to weigh up to 80,000 pounds. As a result, these 40 ton vehicles cannot always slow down in time or stop before a collision takes place.

At the same time, it is not uncommon for these semi truck drivers to travel well in excess of the speed limit despite their increased weight and size. The problem is that when the truck driver decides to travel in excess of the legal speed limit, they often invite disaster.

Additionally, it is not uncommon for these drivers to continue to operate their rigs despite the fact that they are overly tired or even exhausted. Instead of pulling off the roadway to rest, they continue to drive and push themselves beyond safe limits. At best, this can cause inattention or somewhat erratic movements by the driver. At worst, these exhausted individuals have been known to fall asleep at the wheel and cause tragedies.


Because of the low costs to companies to transport their products by semi trucks, all kinds of different types of accidents take place. St. Louis tractor trailer accident lawyers Robert A. Strauss handles the following type of semi truck claims:

  • Wrongful death claims
  • Tanker truck accidents
  • Tired or sleeping driver accidents
  • Drunk (or drug influenced) driver accidents
  • Speeding semi accidents
  • Courier truck accidents
  • Construction zone accidents
  • Rear–end collisions


With semi truck accidents, it is crucial that a complete and thorough investigation be done immediately following the crash. Your Missouri 18–wheeler crash attorney should arrange for a qualified investigator to take numerous photographs or measurements of the scene of the accident as soon as possible. In almost every case of this sort, there will be tire skid marks on the highway or roadway of the scene. Photographing and documenting this marking immediately is critical. Often times, what takes place after the accident will wash the skid marks away without quick action to photograph them.

Your St. Louis semi truck crash lawyer should also research the driving record of the driver that caused your accident. It may be necessary to investigate the maintenance records for the truck and the company that owns the semi. Photographs should always be taken of the damage to all of the vehicles involved before any repairs are made following the incident. Photographs should also be arranged of any physical injuries sustained by you or your loved ones soon after the crash.


Because of the serious nature of these types of accidents and because your claim will normally be against a company and not an individual, semi truck accident cases require the right experience. You or your injured loved one will want to pursue the full and fair compensation that you deserve for this difficult or even tragic incident. For over two decades each, attorney Robert A. Strauss has been handling truck accident cases arising on our Missouri roadways. You should know what your rights are and with either of these experienced lawyers, those rights will be carefully explained to you so that you know what to expect.


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