Next to injuries suffered in automobile accidents, the next most common injury claims in Missouri are claims for injuries suffered on someone else’s property. This only makes sense when you consider the amount of time that we spend at stores, churches, community property and the homes or businesses of others. Premises liability claims are often called “slip and fall” cases.


Attorney Robert Strauss handle slip-and-fall incidents of all types, including falls from spilled substances in restaurants and supermarkets, slips on exterior surfaces from ice or broken pavement, and falls down steps which are in disrepair or where a walkway is not properly lit.


What should be done immediately following the fall? With these types of premises liability claims it is very important that your personal injury attorney act for you in a quick and deliberate manner. Unless evidence is preserved, things can be “cleaned up” or removed by the owners of the property. Any attorney that you hire should ensure that numerous photographs are taken of the site or location where the fall or injury took place.

This is important so that the condition of the area can be captured or preserved, at least visually. In addition, photographs should also be taken of the injuries to your body and your clothing immediately following the incident. Any visual bruising, cuts, abrasions, scarring or stitches should be photographed as soon as possible after they are sustained. If there were mats or rugs at the location of the injury, photos should be taken of them as well.

In addition to photographs, it is imperative for your personal injury attorney to obtain the names, addresses and telephone numbers of anyone who may have witnessed your injury. If this is not done, witnesses may move, change numbers or disappear from your city.


Often times, the scene is revisited so that your St. Louis premises liability lawyer can personally see how your fall took place. Additionally, there may be physical evidence which needs to be saved or preserved in order to successfully prosecute your injury claim. Things like your clothing or the shoes that you were wearing at the time of the fall should be placed in a sealed bag so that any substance on them can be preserved for trial. It is possible that a sample of any fluid or other substance which you may have slipped on can be obtained from the floor or surface and stored in the proper manner for your claim. If an item is “perishable” your injury attorney may have the substance preserved in a freezer for future examination.


Your premises liability claim may involve flooring or steps that have collapsed. Or it may be that some item or part of a wall or ceiling of the property fell on you and caused your injury. Your Missouri premises liability attorney should take all steps to obtain portions of the damaged items or to at least take photographs of the item.


In some instances, it is your child who is injured on the property of another. Children are treated as special protected claimants under Missouri law because of their vulnerability and youth. As a result, additional steps must be taken by property owners to warn children of known hazards on the owner’s property. All hazards that would be attractive or luring must be anticipated and fenced or eliminated. There are times when regular inspections may be necessary for the property owner in order to better protect children.


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