Knee Injuries


Injuries to the knee are a common automobile accident injury. Motor vehicle passengers will strike their knees on the interior of a car or truck following a collision causing fractures and other injuries. Some physicians will even refer to “dashboard knee” as a knee injury caused from striking an automobile’s interior in a car crash. Knee injuries can include sprains, fractures and cartilage and ligament tears. At times, knee injuries from accidents can even be serious enough to require total knee replacement. Knee injuries can be painful, disabling and can result in permanent injury.Missouri injury attorney Robert A. Strauss has nearly 25 years of experience representing victims of Missouri automobile accidents with knee injuries. For a free consultation on any knee injury case resulting from a car accident in Missouri, contact St. Louis personal injury lawyer Robert A. Strauss at (800) 991-8688 or by email.


Knee injuries can also be a consequence of a work related accident. Workers can incur twist injuries and injuries from overextending the knee resulting in damage. Knee injuries can also be a result of falls. When a worker falls and lands on their leg or knee, knee injuries can be a consequence. In Missouri, if a person’s knee injury was the result of a work accident then the injured party may be entitled to benefits under Missouri’s Workers’ Compensation Law. The benefits under Missouri work comp laws include payment for medical expenses, payment for temporary disability and payment for any permanent disability. For more information on workers’ compensation benefits visit the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation website by clicking here. For a free consultation regarding any workers’ compensation claim for a knee injury, contact attorney Robert A Strauss by clicking here.


After someone has sustained a knee injury from an auto accident or work accident, their physician will attempt to diagnose the nature of the injury. Through physical examination and the use of diagnostic procedures, such as MRI, the physician will formulate a diagnosis. The injury may be a sprain or strain to the ligaments and tendons that support the knee. Other injuries may involve tears to ligaments and tendons that require surgical repair. These injuries include tears to the medial collateral ligament (MCL) and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Meniscus tears are also a common occurrence in knee injury cases. The meniscus is a piece of cartilage that acts as a shock absorber between bones and stabilizes the knee. As any St. Louis injury attorney should know, a small tear may not require surgery; however, larger tears often require surgical intervention. Fractures and breaks are also a consequence of trauma or injury to the knee. The kneecap can become fractured as well as the lower portion of the femur or upper portion of the tibia or fibula. For more information on the diagnosis and treatment of knee injuries click here


Unfortunately, some injuries from car accidents or work accidents are serious enough to require a total knee replacement. There are various manufacturers of total knee replacement systems. While these knee replacement systems are supposed to last a number of years before needing to be replaced, there are certain knee replacements that prematurely fail. These failed total knees cause the recipients to undergo expensive and invasive surgical revisions. Most St. Louis injury lawyers know that at times, a knee replacement will fail because of a manufacturing defect or a design defect on the part of the manufacturer. Such a defect may give rise to a products liability claim in Missouri. For a free consultation regarding a failed total knee replacement by a Missouri personal injury attorney click here.


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