Car and truck accidents often lead to injuries to the face in the form of cuts and lacerations. In automobile accidents, vehicle occupants will at times strike their face and head on the interior of the motor vehicle. This might be the back of a front seat, a door post, a window or even the dashboard or steering wheel. Sometimes the force of an airbag deployment will cause facial injuries to passengers. At other times, facial cuts and injuries can be caused by flying glass from shattered windows. Because these injuries are so visible, facial injuries can be both physically and psychologically trying. If you have sustained facial injuries as the result of a car or truck accident, contact either St. Louis personal injury attorney Robert A. Strauss. He represents clients who have been involved in Missouri automobile, truck and motorcycle accidents with facial injuries. For a free consultation on automobile and personal injury cases involving facial injuries in Missouri, contact St. Louis injury lawyer Robert A. Strauss at (800) 991-8688 or by email.


In any Missouri personal injury case, it is always a good idea to obtain photographs of visible injuries. This is especially true for facial scars, cuts and bruises. Initial photographs of the injuries should be taken as soon as possible after the car accident. These photographs can help document the nature of the collision and trauma to the face. Photographs with a good camera are preferred over most smart phone cameras. Certain facial lacerations, after several months of healing, may result in a scar that is permanent in nature. Photographs should be taken of the scar. At times, Missouri lawyers may refer their accident clients to professional photographers to adequately document a permanent scar. These photographs can be very useful in negotiating with an insurance adjuster or showing a jury the extent of damage in a case.

In addition to taking photographs, if a scar on the face is significant enough, a plastic surgery consultation may be necessary. The plastic surgeon may be able to render an opinion as to whether a scar is permanent in nature or whether further treatment may help relieve the effects of facial scaring. For more information on plastic surgery to treat facial scars from injuries including automobile accidents, click here.


As with any Missouri personal injury case, Missouri law allows an accident victim to recover for pain and suffering, the permanency of an injury and past and future medical expenses. The pain and suffering from orthopedic injuries, such as leg fractures or shoulder injuries, are more easily ascertainable at times because of the nature of the injury. While some scar cases may involve extensive surgeries and revisions, and serious cases might even involve diminished use of the eyes, mouth or nose because of the scarring, there are many situations where treatment is minimal. The facial injury victim may be left with a permanent scar and a lifetime of self-consciousness about the scar. Scar injuries can have a psychological and mental effect on their victims. An experienced injury lawyer will be able to help value the cost of this type of permanent injury. Both the mental anguish associated with the scarring and the permanent nature of the scar must be considered in valuing the damages suffered by such an accident victim.


If you have sustained an injury to the face in a Missouri personal injury case contact St. Louis attorney Robert A. Strauss for a free consultation. He handles cases on a No Fee if No Recovery basis. If you would like to discuss your case with attorney, please email or call toll free at (800) 991-8688. Mr. Strauss represents clients from many parts of Missouri including St. Louis and St. Louis County, Arnold, Festus, Fenton, Valley Park, South County, North County and West County.