Any worker who has ever spent any time on a construction site knows that accidents can be a consequence of that environment. Precautions taken to protect workers might include job safety training, extensive inspections and safety regulation implementation. Despite such precautions, construction work conditions often breed hazards because of the use of machines and tools along with working conditions that involve heights and holes. These hazards can bring serious injury to Missouri workers.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Missouri construction accident, you may be entitled to compensation. You may also be entitled to benefits under Missouri workers’ compensation laws. St. Louis personal injury attorney Robert A. Strauss represents victims of Missouri construction accidents. For a free consultation regarding your rights under Missouri workers’ compensation law, contact St. Louis personal injury attorney Robert A. Strauss at 1-800-991-8688 or by email. Your Missouri injury claim may also involve a third-party claim or a claim involving a civil lawsuit in Missouri. For a free consultation on any third-party Missouri accident claim, contact either Attorney Robert A. Strauss toll free at 1-800-991-8688 or by email.


Because workers are asked to perform so many different tasks on a construction site, the types of injuries that are possible are diverse. These injuries could include the following: falls, fractures, burns, machine accidents, falling objects and electrocutions. Again, because machinery and tools are involved, the injuries can be serious in nature.


It is pretty obvious that the first step that needs to be taken when a construction accident takes place is to seek immediate medical treatment. Once the worker is provided the emergency care, the employer should immediately be provided notice of the occurrence for purposes of Missouri workers’ compensation benefits. An investigation by a Missouri personal injury lawyer might include contacting potential witnesses, preserving physical evidence that can be gathered and taking photographs. This type of investigation can prove helpful for purposes of any Missouri third-party negligence claim arising out of the accident.


When a Missouri employee is injured during the scope and course of his or her employment, that worker may have a potential claim for benefits under the Missouri Workers’ Compensation laws. Basic Missouri workmans comp benefits include the payment for medical treatment arising out of the work accident. Additionally, workers covered under Missouri’s work comp law may be entitled to temporary total disability benefits while off of work due to the injury. Missouri law also provides benefits for any permanent total or partial disability that a worker suffers after they have reached maximum medical improvement. A Missouri Workers’ Compensation lawyer would tell you that there are some limitations to Missouri workmans comp claims, including the employer’s ability to select the physicians and other medical treaters who will provide treatment for the injury. For more information regarding Missouri workers’ compensation benefits click here.

In addition to potential workers’ compensation claims, injured construction workers may also have separate third-party claims when injured by a defective tool or machine or the negligence of others. These types of injuries can be very serious. When it is determined that an injury was caused by a defect in the design or manufacture of a tool or a machine, the manufacturer of the machine may be liable to the injured Missouri worker. Injured Missouri workers may also have negligence and other third-party claims against other persons or companies at fault in causing the construction accident. Third-party claims are prosecuted in Missouri civil courts and not through the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation. A Missouri personal injury attorney representing an injured worker may have two separate and distinct claims, a work comp claim and a third- party civil lawsuit or claim for damages. However, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier or a self-insured employer may be entitled to recoup a portion of the Missouri work comp benefits paid out of the recovery from any third-party claim. A Missouri accident attorney will advise their client as to the nature of this reimbursement. At times, the reimbursement to the workers’ compensation carrier can be negotiated by the personal injury lawyer to the benefit of the Missouri injured client.


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