With St. Louis and the entire Eastern Missouri region replete with lakes and rivers, boating is a common social activity in Missouri. From Lake of the Ozarks to the Missouri River, Mississippi River, Tablerock Lake, Clearwater Lake and other popular bodies of water throughout Missouri, residents of Missouri enjoy the water. Unfortunately, every year hundreds of people are injured or killed as the result of negligent operation of watercraft. When injury or death occurs because of someone’s negligent operation of a boat, an experienced accident attorney should be consulted. For a free consultation on all boating accident injuries, contact Robert A. Strauss. He can be reached toll-free at (800) 991-8688 or by email.


Boat accidents can leave their victims with serious injury. With boat passengers riding unrestrained, a boating accident can cause a passenger to be thrown from their seat forcefully striking the inside of the boat. This type of unrestrained, high speed impact within the boat can cause serious bodily injury or death. At times, the impact may even eject a passenger out of the boat causing injury or death from trauma or drowning.

Accidents involving jet skis or wave runners are common because their small stature make them hard to see at times. Jet ski and wave runner operators also frequently try to jump the wake of larger boats. In the process, the jet ski or wave runner operator may engage in a zigzag pattern causing them to cut in front of other watercraft. This can be a dangerous maneuver resulting in an accident.

Sports like water skiing, tubing, knee boarding or wake boarding can also lead to serious injury or death. When inattention or some other negligent action causes a boat operator to strike a downed skier or tuber, the resulting injury can be catastrophic.

Boating accidents can also be the result of operator error or negligence without a collision with another boat or object. At times, boat operators are unfamiliar with the body of water being navigated causing them to run aground. They may also strike waves or wakes at a speed and in a manner than causes the passengers in the boat to become airborne or ejected.


Many boating accidents are attributed to the use of alcohol by a boat operator. Missouri has strict laws against boating while intoxicated (BWI). When a serious accident, injury or even death occurs because a boating operator is drunk, the operator must be held accountable. For more information on Missouri’s laws against boating while intoxicated visit this website.


A boat accident lawyer in Missouri should be familiar with both the federal and state rules that apply to the operation of watercraft. The United States Coast Guard and the Missouri Water Patrol each publish handbooks outlining a boater’s responsibilities. The Missouri Water Patrol website also has useful safety tips and information to avoid boating accidents. That information can be found at this website.


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