Whether it be kids or just active individuals, there are more bikes on Missouri roads these days than ever. Even in large urban areas like St. Louis and Kansas City, more people are biking to work. St. Louis recently instituted bicycle stations in some areas of St. Louis to facilitate the use of bicycles as a method of transportation. Unfortunately, many Missouri motor vehicle drivers are not yet used to taking the steps necessary to watch for, and yield to, the ever increasing number of Missouri bicycle riders.

If you or a loved one have been injured while traveling on a bicycle in Missouri, it is likely that you will have legal questions regarding your rights under Missouri law. The law offices of Robert A. Strauss, LLC is experienced with these types of injury claims and will provide you with a free initial consultation for those injured in a Missouri bike accident. For a Free Initial Consultation, you can email or call toll-free at (800) 991-8688 today.


Similar to motorcycle accidents, bike riders who are injured in road accidents are generally more seriously injured than those injured while occupying cars or trucks. Common sense would tell that when someone is caused to be thrown from their bike, either as a passenger on a bike or being struck by another vehicle, that they may sustain more serious injuries once they hit the pavement.

Often times, the rider suffers multiple injuries that could include multiple fractures, facial injuries, head injuries, major spinal cord injuries and abrasions. These types of injuries deserve more substantial compensation. Missouri personal injury lawyer Robert A. Strauss has almost twenty-five years experience handling these types of serious claims.


There are many ways that one can cause harm to bicyclists on Missouri roads. It may be a car driver’s inattention, being too aggressive or the failure to yield. Unfortunately, drivers of vehicles often times simply do not watch out for bike riders. Despite the rules of the road, they do not realize or refuse to realize that the bike rider has the same rights.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has a program designed to increase the safety of bicycling on Missouri’s roadways. For example, in the St. Louis area they have implemented a program to include posting “Share the Road” signs in various locations. For more information of Missouri’s bike safety programs click here.


When a victim is injured while traveling on a bicycle in Missouri, they may have several elements of recovery for their injury. They may be able to recover for their medical expenses, both past and future, lost wages or income and pain and suffering among other things. In a worst case scenario, their families may be able to recover for their services for loss of life under Missouri’s Wrongful Death Statute.

In any event, recoveries for bicycle accidents can be complicated given the liability issues that frequently arise. The involvement of a Missouri lawyer may be necessary in order to obtain a fair recovery. As any St. Louis personal injury attorney knows, a factual investigation will be necessary to preserve evidence and develop the facts. The events should be preserved as quickly as possible.


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